About Kerry

So this is a little strange to be talking about myself. ¬† I like to know there is a person behind a product so hopefully, you’ll know a bit more about me here.

I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember. ¬†I get lost in all kinds of artistic things like painting, drawing, singing, makeup artistry, nail¬†artistry¬† photography and now jewelry. ¬†In my former career, I was a computer nerd for 15 years. ¬†I always had a flare for making people feel comfortable and good about speaking with me — try to make the person feel super special (guess I relate to Reese’s¬†character in the movie.)¬† ¬† With my art — I am self taught. ¬†It is a natural talent of mine and I am happy I have the opportunity to create something and share it with whoever wants it. ¬†My necklaces have been made and sent to countries in Europe, Canada, the USA, Australia and Asia. ¬†Each one, I make and send with the best intentions and good energy.

Each part of this necklace is hand crafted. ¬†The pendant is made by master silversmiths in Indonesia in pure .925 silver. ¬† I create every necklace which is quite time consuming. ¬†Every Hematite bead is chosen, every loop carefully made by myself. ¬†I started making jewelry 10 years ago and its become my passion and my stress reliever. ¬†I often will find a piece of jewelry that I would never wear in its original state, I take it apart and I create new things — original and wearable. ¬†I have an eye for beautiful things, things that remain classics for years to come — things that are not “dated.” ¬†I’ve used my talents to create your Cruel Intentions Necklace — all by hand with great care.

In no way do I condone the use of this necklace for drug paraphernalia.  Please do keep yourself safe.

I am able to custom design your rosary necklace for an additional fee.   Just contact me at info@cruelintentionsnecklace.com or email me, Kerry@cruelintentionsnecklace.com.


“Here’s what I look like and some of my artwork.”